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GTP Pics!

These are REAL GTPs, not that Pontiac GTP wannabe.  Not to say that the Pontiac GTP is a bad car, but someone at Pontiac obviously didnt' know that the "P" in GTP stood for "Prototype".

Click on the links for a nice pic  Warning!  Some of these pictures are large and are very high res.  Some are digital camera photos, some others are regular 35mm photos scanned in with our scanner.

ALL these photos were taken and are Copyright 2000 by Obin Robinson.  Don't worry, you can print them out but please ask permission first before putting them in a publication or on your web site.  I have never turned anyone down, but i still prefer having someone ask first.  This page will be cleaned up with thumbnails and all that neat stuff in the near future.  If you want photo reprints, please e-mail me and i can get that done fairly cheaply.

Until i can get the thumbnails up, these images are not really in order, but WELL worth the wait. Also, e-mail us and we'll send you a secret link to about 1000 more GTP and racing photos we took.

first here's some assorted pics:

GTP heaven!

3 GTP cars in turn 1

Spice leading again in turn 1

3 GTPs caught on camera at 150mph or so

Lola T-70 (sorry i forgot the powerplant in this one)

Obin wanted this car, but was a bit short on cash

Reynard-Judd at high speed at Mosport

Busted up Panoz sliding by at Mosport

Saleen Mustang

Colourful Viper at Watkins Glen Grand-Am race

Neck-in-neck Porsche 911s

Sports Racers at night

Blurred Porsches


Ferrari power!

Tiga Ferrari GTP

Ferrari 512LM at high speed

Spice Ferrari

Ferrari 333sp from the front

Jean Alesi's Formula 1 Ferrari F93

Ferrari Formula 1 Motor


Mazda Powered Vehicles:

Argo Mazda (big and high res!)

Argo Mazda cockpit

Argo Mazda in paddock

Kudzu Mazda


GM powered vechicles:

Corvette GTP (big and high res)

Intrepid Chevy GTP outside garage

Intrepid Chevy GTP at high speed

Spice Chevy in turn 11

Spice Chevy GTP Overtaking Porsche 924

Spice Chevy going past walking bridge at high speedGTP/spicechevy.jpg

Spice Chevy in Garage, Check out those wings!

Hawk Buick GTP

March Chevy passing Porsche RSR in the boot section

March Chevy leads Nissan GTP-ZX Turbo in turn 11

March Chevy GTP on Pit row

Spice Chevy Interior

Intrepid Chevy GTP with tail outside Garage

Spice Chevy in the fall


Ford powered vehicles:

Ford GT-40 at high speed

Mustang GTP

Spice Ford GTP

Spice Ford GTP in garage

Nice Spice Ford GTP outside garage

Spice Cosworth by transporter truck

Ford GT-40 on pit row

Rondeau M382C sitting by Porsche transporter (remember this Rondeau had a Ford DFV in it)

Rondeau M382C, in my opinion the most beautiful Group C car ever made

Artsy shot looking at GT-40 driver in right-side mirror reflection

Ford GT-40 at speed.

Ford GT-40 right before start finish

Ford GT-40 storming past grandstands

Another Ford GT-40 at high speed

Spice Ford on pit row


Porsche powered vehicles:

Jade Pig Porsche 962

Porsche 956 with bodywork off

2 Shell Porsche 962Cs from LeMans (in garage)

Porsche 917 (huge and high res)

Porsche 962C from LeMans

Another nice Porsche 962 Pic

Porsche 962C waiting it's turn

Porsche 962C getting ready to race

Porsche 935 Passing McLaren

Porsche 944 GTR under canopy

Porsche 944 GTR cockpit

Our favourite race car driver in a 917-30 hamming it up for the camera

How'd you like this engine in your car?   Porsche 944 Turbo GT motor!

March Porsche

March Porsche on track

Hey, i could drive this Porsche 962C away, think he'd notice?

Sachs Porsche 962C on front stretch (no, that's not me driving it).

Obin sitting in a 962C... yes, some day it will be mine!

Porsche 962Cs need sleep too!

Porsche 962 owned by Stiles

Porsche 914 and Jaegermeister 962

Hotchkis by his Porsche 962C

Joe Buzzetta and his Porsche 956

Martini Porsche 917 (sized for your desktop!)

Kremer Porsche 935 right before it hit the wall in turn 1

Porsche 962C under the rear wing (artsy shot)

Wynn's Porsche 962 in garage

Nobody would believe this unless i took a picture (i told ya he had to park it SOMEWHERE!)

Wynn's Porsche 962

Porsche 917 at high speed

Wynn's Porsche 962 on front stretch for qualifying

Front of Porsche 917

Porsche 944 GTR in garage

Porsche 924GTR and 944 GTR in garage

Rear of Porsche 917

Lola Porsche of Champion Racing at Watkins Glen


Nissan powered vehicles:

Nissan GTP-ZX Turbo in garage

Nissan GTP-ZX Turbo flying down the straightaway

Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo IMSA flying down the straightaway

Nissan 300 ZX in garage

Nissan 300 ZX twin turbo outside garage

Nissan GTP-ZX Turbo at high speed on the back of the track. (Sorry for the blur, i was at maximum zoom and he was going 130mph)

Nissan GTP-ZX Turbo on pit row

Nissan GTP-ZX Turbo with rear bodywork off

Nissan GTP-ZX turbo blasting by at 120mph

Rear of Nissan GTP-ZX Turbo outside garage


Jaguar power!

Jess contemplating which car to put on the list... Group C or GTP?  Decisions, decisions!

Best picture of the Group 44  Jaguar GTP that you will see flying down the front stretch for free!

Jaguar GTP screaming past grandstands on qualifying lap

Jaguar GTP heating up the back stretch



more to come!  bookmark this site!